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Biography Some of my earliest memories are related to when I was six years old and living in District Six with my mum and Dad (Faye and the late Victor Sampson - who was known as South Africa's Johnny Mathis). For some reason or the other I was moved from District Six and went to live with my Granny in Bishop Lavis. At the age of 11, I rejoined my parents, this time in Hanover Park, where I spent my teenage years and from where I would eventually move to Johannesburg to start my professional career. From as early as I can remember, I was singing. At around the age of 4, I had a little red toy piano that I used to play while singing my heart out. I recall a song called "Send me no roses..." that used to be one of my favourite tunes. Never shy to perform, albeit on family occasions or at school, I just loved singing and although I had aspirations to become a doctor or veterinary surgeon, I ended up being a performing artist, singer and songwriter, which I continue to enjoy and will never give up. My career as a singer really started at the age of 15, when I won a talent competition that I was entered into by my aunt. In 1982, I entered and won 'Follow that star' which was a singing talent competition and as the winner, I subsequently also appeared on a television Summer Special called 'Soft Shoes'. My parents were divorced when I was 12, and while beginning to forge my career as a singer, I took care of my younger brother Aaron, in whose life I've continued to play an active role. At the same time, I also joined the Hanover Park Youth Organization, which was my entry into the exciting world of political and community activism and which contributed significantly to making me the person I am today. A lot of our activism centered on working with young people in Hanover Park and elsewhere, raising funds for various community driven initiatives and creating awareness regarding the need to fight for justice, freedom and democracy in South Africa. A wonderful time in my life! The social consciousness that I developed through my activism as a young person, continues to inspire me to support the work of various organizations and societies, including the Red Cross Children's Hospital. I have also offered to play the role of 'Ambassador' for an organization called "Community Action for a Safer Environment" (CASE) that was established in Hanover Park, as a means to give back and contribute to the community that I come from. I actively support any initiatives towards peace, safety and the attainment of education. I am a warrior for the rights of those whose voices are often not heard - the aged, abused children and women, animals and the environment. I believe in the power and the ability of women to bring about tangible change in this country and throughout our continent and world. I believe that God has blessed me with a voice that can assist in bringing about meaningful change for those who cannot speak for themselves. I continue to cherish and to celebrate where I come from and the experiences that I have had as a young person. I challenge anyone who says that I should not strive to be the best that I can be and be proud of who I am. God has made us in his image and I see myself as a mirror into which others can look, and reflect on who we are, and who we can become, if only we can believe in ourselves, have faith in the goodwill of others, and continue to hope, to dream and to work with others to make this world a better place. With God, nothing is impossible! I am proudly South African; I am proudly African; I am proudly human!