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Shine, my first album was released in 1993 and features a range of sounds from R&B to pop, with some jazz grooves in-between. It features the hit song 'Love will shine on you', which was written by Alan Lazar, ex Mango Groove song-writer and keyboard player. The song won the Maura Avanti Regional and National Gold Awards for its video.
Zai was recorded during a seven-week stint in London at the time of the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa, and was produced by Soul to Soul man, Wil Mowat. Released in 1996, the hit song on Zai was and continues to be 'African Dream' also written by Alan Lazar. In 1996, I sang African Dream at the opening and closing ceremonies of the African Cup of Nations, which was won by Bafana Bafana- the first ever major trophy won by South Africa's national football team. A mix of soul, R&B and pop, Zai was almost ahead of its time .
  1.  African Dream
  2. That's What Friends Do
  3. All I Ask
  4. Kiss My Innocence
  5. I Am Not, I Was Never
  6. Marcus
  7. Trust In That Love
  8. Someday Soon
  9. Close To Me
  10. Always
  11. The Rest Of My Life
  12. Deep Kisses
Recorded between Cape Town and Johannesburg in 2007 and produced by R.J. Benjamin and Cedric Samson, License to Sing is a mix of many different genres, including jazz, soul and R&B and even rock. Featuring tracks written by Dianne Warren, myself and a couple of well-known covers, as well as a folk-tume from Sweden, the album is a reflection of and show-cases my musical experiences, spanning a period of twenty seven years. Alan Lazar wrote One Tribe, a song which talks about the state of the world and which endeavors to engender a spirit of togetherness and harmony in the world, much as African Dream did. African Dream features as a bonus track.